Green Mobile Clouds

  • Fitzek, Frank, (Project Participant)


The GREEN MOBILE CLOUDS project advocates mobile clouds to be the future service platform for mobile communication networks. Mobile clouds are networks where mobile devices are connected directly with each other to generate services for each other. In contrast to state of the art approaches, these service do not depend on any network provider and therefore open a new dimension of services. New services are the key enabler for new markets. In order to increase the battery life of the mobile device and to decrease the over all energy spent by the network providers, the mobile clouds are designed to be green, that is, aiming at higher energy and power efficiencies. Beside the theoretical work on green mobile clouds, implementations will give valuable feedback on the theoretical work as well as help break ground towards real products in order to create a significant social-economical impact for Denmark. The project is carried out with prestigious international partners from US(Massachusetts Institution of Technology(MIT) and Harvard) and Europe(Finland, UK, Budapest) forming a world leading research cluster in the field of mobile clouds.
Effective start/end date01/08/201131/07/2015