Project Details


EUDP-project with the core objective to investigate the possibilities for CO2-capturing in the Aalborg area and provide a pre-study of a full technical layout and basis for an energy-efficient carbon capture solution at Aalborg Portland’s cement plant in Aalborg, Denmark. The pre-study includes assessing both the feasibility of a liquefaction facility for storage and a Power-to-X plant for utilizing captured CO2 in reaction with hydrogen for producing the green e-fuel eMethanol. The project results will provide knowledge which will also be useful for determination the potential of carbon capture at other large cement-processing plants.

The GreenCem pre-study will identify the most promising capture technology for an integrated carbon capture facility that is uniquely matched to the process conditions at Aalborg Portland in terms of available thermal energy, flue gas composition and site logistics leading to the lowest possible carbon capture cost.

The project will investigate the possibilities for storage and utilization of the CO2 that will be captured from Aalborg Portland’s cement production processes. The combined outputs from the CCUS investigation, lifecycle analyses and techno-economic assessments of the project will lay out all economic and sustainability aspects of the possible solutions. The key outcome of the project is an early and preliminary technical and economic decision basis for the project partners, to consider on further steps in terms of a test facility and in the long term potentially a larger facility.
Effective start/end date01/03/202031/05/2022

Collaborative partners

  • Aalborg Portland A/S (lead)
  • Re::Integrate ApS
  • Port of Aalborg A/S
  • CEMTEC Fonden
  • DFDS


  • EUDP: DKK6,760,000.00