Heat Pipe Spot Cooling

  • Bendtsen, Jan Dimon (PI)
  • Krogh, Jørgen (Project Participant)
  • Olesen, Martin (Project Participant)
  • Olsen, Claus (Project Participant)
  • Nyvad, Jesper (Project Participant)

Project Details


A wind turbine power converter includes power modules mounted on the so-called cooling plates, which cool the component by thermal conduction. The heat is transferred to the ambient by use of a water circuit and an air cooler. The power modules have a large cooling demand, but a small contact area, since the electronic is compact and handles large electrical power. This project intends to develop a new method for cooling power modules, to ensure that cooling power per area will not become a bottleneck in the future development of wind turbines. Furthermore, this method is expected to reduce energy consumption for cooing systems due to reduced pump work.
Effective start/end date01/01/201830/06/2020