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Capacitors and magnetic components have become essential components in electronic circuits and power conversion systems. Unprecedented quantities of capacitors and magnetic components are consumed by applications of power electronics for harmonic filtering, power balancing, energy buffering and transferring, which inevitably contribute to a high percentage of volume, weight, cost and failure rate. As the substitute to passive components, active circuit has the characteristic of a single emulated impedance, which is still far from the ideal design due to the lack of capability of multi-function, multi-operating conditions and self-adaptation. For the massive application market of passive components, it is of great significance to develop a full impedance element solution.
This project focuses on the development of the modular impedance element. First of all, the existing active circuit topology will be discussed to identify the optimal topology, so that the impedance element can achieve the optimal performance. Thereafter, a programmable impedance control strategy with sufficient bandwidth will be developed so that the impedance element can quickly respond and be shaped into different impedances. Finally, an application-oriented design scheme for impedance element will be proposed to reach the standard of industrial application level and lay the foundation for further commercial application. The proposed impedance element will meet the requirements of application with programmable multi-impedance, multi-operating conditions and self-adaptation.
Funding: CSC Scholarship
Effective start/end date01/11/202131/10/2024


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