How do train passengers travel together appropriately? A video study of collective, sustainable mobility

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The project contributes to change towards more environmentally sustainable mobility as it studies a fundamental aspect of collective transport practices, namely the governing of appropriate ‘travelling together’. In collective transport, passengers share a limited physical space which leads to increased risk of contagion. While this risk was emphasised during the recent pandemic, the project approaches it as a mundane phenomenon that is ubiquitously relevant in collective, public transport (e.g. the risk of catching the common cold). The project sees the governing of appropriate ‘travelling together’ as the ways in which proper passenger conduct, particularly in relation to the risk of contagion, is constituted through policies, guidelines and nudging from ‘above’, and through passengers’ own train travelling practices and legitimation strategies from ‘below’, and it aims to demonstrate how such governing furthers/impedes transition to more environmentally sustainable mobility.
Short titleTravelling Together
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/07/2024


  • Independent Research Fund Denmark | Interdisciplinary: DKK2,836,218.00