Human Work Interaction Design

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This is an IFIP (international federation for information processing) working group , within the technical programme on Human Computer Interaction. I.e. IFIP wg 13.6 on Human Work Interaction Design (HWID).

The HWID working group aims at establishing relationships between extensive empirical work-domain studies and HCI design.

To encourage empirical studies and conceptualisations of the interaction among humans, their variegated social contexts and the technology they use both within and across these contexts.

Promote the use of knowledge, concepts, methods and techniques that enables user studies to procure a better apprehension of the complex interplay between individual, social and organisational contexts and thereby a better understanding of how and why people work in the ways they do.

Promote a better understanding of the relationship between work-domain based empirical studies and iterative design of prototypes and new technologies.

Establish a network of researchers, practitioners and domain/subject matter experts working within this field.
Effective start/end date01/09/200501/08/2019