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The societal transformation towards a low-carbon economy will entail stricter requirements for the environment and increased demand for it knowledge of environmentally sound solutions for building and construction. Natural ventilation and possibility of user-controlled window opening has repeatedly been shown to have a positive effect on user satisfaction and perceived comfort, while it can reduce energy requirements for ventilation and cooling in the summer and during the transitional seasons. But building concepts with pure natural ventilation in the Norwegian climate requires specially adapted solutions that are not suitable for implementation on a large scale scale in the Norwegian construction industry. Hybrid ventilation combines the advantages of both natural and mechanical ventilation ventilation and, given the correct design, can achieve improved performance in indoor climate and energy use.
The background for the innovation idea is related to the following factors:
- Technical systems in modern buildings have become too complicated, which entails high investment and operating costs.
- Modern plumbing installations account for significant greenhouse gas emissions (up to 40% of total emissions from the building)
- There is currently limited research into innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for ventilation in the Norwegian climate.
- Hybrid ventilation is particularly well suited for use in existing buildings, and important for upgrading the building mass.
This project aims to develop knowledge, concepts, technologies and strategies for hybrid ventilation of sustainable buildings and through this facilitate the introduction of hybrid ventilation concepts as a real and well-documented alternative to traditional mechanical ventilation concepts.
Effective start/end date01/10/202101/10/2025


  • Hybrid ventilation
  • Control strategy
  • Low-carbon buildings
  • Cold climate


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