i3net, European Network of Excellence in Intelligent Information Interfaces

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    CVMT is a founding member (1996) of a European Network of Excellence, i3net (i-cube), in Intelligent Information Interfaces, which is lead by professor N. O. Bernsen, Odense Universitet. CVMT has in various periods been member of the Co-ordinating Group, CG, of the network, and was chairman for its first annual conference. i3net formed a co-ordinating function for 13 i3-projects starting in 1997, and for 10 ESE-projects (Experimental School Environments) starting in 1998. These projects were supported through separate IT-initiatives under EU ESPRIT Long Term Research (now FET, Future and Emerging Technologies). One of the projects under ESE, is the PUPPET project mentioned below, which CVMT co-ordinated. The network had support until 2002, and efforts are ongoing to obtain extensions and follow-up. (Erik Granum)
    Effective start/end date31/12/200331/12/2003