Identifikation af svingende systemer / Identification of Vibrating Systems

  • Brincker, Rune (Project Participant)

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    In general, all mechanical systems vibrate constantly due to more or less random actions from the environment. Bridges vibrate due to wind and the traffic on them; buildings vibrate due to microvibrations in the ground and due to traffic from roads passing close by, etc. These vibrations contain detailed information on the distribution of stiffness and mass in structures. To produce this information it is necessary to identify the properties relevant for the structure only. This is the main subject of the research project. Methods for test planning (optimal number and location of sensors), methods for signal processing (Fast Fourier Transformation and Random Decrement) are addressed, but primarily the methods for modal identification of systems, where the load is unknown, are dealt with.
    Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …