Identity Politics and its Cultural Roots

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    My project focuses on how cultural products and producers of culture - authors and intellectuals - might affect policy making. The claim is that cultural products such as literature may have a real impact on political decision making, specifically within the area of identity politics. My aim is to investigate to how far an extent this is true, and to do so I plan to make specific qualitative analyses of the situation and experience of three different minority nations: the Aborigines of Australia, Canadian Indians and the Maori of New Zealand. These three minority nations exhibit a range of similar features, such as historical colonisation and settlement, supression of cultural traits by the white majority, but also comparable histories of opposition towards white majority oppression. Rather than merely functioning as analyses of specific experiences of minorities relating to how to gain influence at national level politics, it is my hope that the project will point towards more general insights into the relationship between liberal democratic nationalism, muliticulturalism and how to accomodate minority nations within existing states.
    Effective start/end date26/02/200326/02/2003