Incineration of odor.

  • Stoltze, Per, (Project Participant)

Project Details


In the production of fish meal a number of odorous compounds in the fish become volatile. Although these compounds pose no direct risk to human health or to the environment, the odor is unbearable and must be destroyed in all airflows from the factories. The destruction is accomplished by incineration of the contaminated air. Unfortunately, the destruction is not complete and the factors limiting the destruction are not known. In the project we have investigated the efficiency of the incineration process by extensive calculations of flowpatterns, chemical and physical processes in the incineration furnaces. The project is a cooperation between Triple Nine Fish Protein, Esbjerg , Strøm & Petersen, Fredericia, and Aalborg University , Esbjerg . Researchers: Per Stoltze, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Emir Zahirovic, Aalborg University, Esbjerg,                        
Effective start/end date01/04/200331/07/2007