Information Systems Development

  • Nielsen, Peter Axel (Project Coordinator)
  • Rose, Jeremy (Project Participant)
  • Aaen, Ivan (Project Participant)
  • Bækgaard, Lars (Project Participant)
  • Hosbond, Jens Henrik (Project Participant)
  • Bygstad, Bendik (Project Participant)
  • Omland, Hans Olav (Project Participant)
  • Nordheim, Stig (Project Participant)

Project Details


This is a set of several research activities that share a focus on how to develop information systems. The group has researched this topic for decades and for the last five years it has been directed at agile development approaches, development of enterprise systems, systems developers’ competence in development, mobile systems development, and socio-technical development. The research is based on the view that information systems development is fundamentally a social activity. Theoretical support has been found in organisation theory and social theory. The aim of the research is by large to contribute to better and more appropriate approaches to information systems development through a more profound understanding of: (1) development practice in its organisational and social setting, or (2) the organisational and social context in which the to-be information systems will be used.
Effective start/end date19/05/201031/12/2020

Collaborative partners

  • Norwegian IT College (Project partner)
  • Agder University College (Project partner)


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