Inline Inspection Robot - Inukun Versatrax 150 Crawler

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This project focues on an inline robotic crawler system, which will service as a self-propelled mobile platform running inside the pipelines and carrying inspection tools for pipeline integrity inspection. Though there are several relatively matured inline robotic systems for onshore pipeline inspection in the global market now, the inline robotic technology for subsea pipeline inspection is still quite open.

The proposed inline robotic crawler system is a tether-based, self-propelled and remotely controlled robotic plat-form. One of our research task is to extend the current platform to be an autonomous system, which can be self-driven, autonomously navigated through the intended pipeline installation, and capable of recognizing the pipeline geometries and making corresponding structural adaption (e.g., to adapt itself to different pipeline diameters within an allowed range).

Total budget: 496,000 dkr - Det Obelske Familiefond (50%) & AAU (50%)
Short titleINline Robot
Effective start/end date01/05/201601/11/2016


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