Integrated Design of Wind Power Systems

  • Iov, Florin (Project Manager)
  • Ciobotaru, Mihai, (Project Participant)

Project Details


In the period 2001-2007 Aalborg University and RISØ National Laboratory have run two research projects ("Simulation platform for modelling, optimization and design of wind turbines", Contract ENS1363/01-0013 and "Electrical Design and Optimisation of Wind Turbines" Contract ENS 1363/04-0008) where the main goal was to create a model database in different simulation tools for a system optimization of the wind turbine systems. Using this model database a simultaneous optimization of the aerodynamic, mechanical, electrical and control systems over the whole range of wind speeds and grid characteristics is achieved.

The main objective in this project is to continue the work done in the previous phases of this project by developing new components/concepts for wind turbine systems and also to enhance the capabilities as well as the interaction between the simulation tools namely HAWC, Matlab/Simulink and DigSilent.

Effective start/end date01/08/200831/12/2009


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