Intelligent RF Mobile Communications Terminals

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The project covers "How to design a software radio compatible transmitter architecture and essential IC circuitry to be used in multi mode terminals utilizing both constant and varying envelope modulation systems?" The solution: (i) must be robust - both regarding production tolerances and varying near surroundings (varying load VSWR at the antenna terminals), (ii) must be power efficient both in constant envelope and varying envelope situations, and (iii) should be adaptive to reduce power consumption to a level where specifications are met and no more.

A solution to the above-mentioned problem is to develop intelligent RF hardware capable of adjusting to the current operating conditions and making differentiated performance adjustments correspondingly.

The development of intelligent RF hardware is an important step towards small, power-efficient, and cheap software radio terminals. To achieve the lowest size, power-consumption, and cost, we envision future RF hardware (except the power amplifier core) to be fabricated using silicon CMOS processes.
Effective start/end date01/08/200130/04/2006


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