International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS)

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    Participants from CIP: Associate Professor Frank Gertsen, Professor Harry Boer, who is also a member of the international co-ordinating team, and Assistant Professor Nuran Acur. Associate Professor Hongyi Sun,Hong Kong City University is employed on a part time basis within the project framework. Other Participants: Björke Laugen, Stavanger University College Project duration: ongoing project started in 1992; the third round is to be completed in 2002. The ultimate benchmarking tool, IMSS is a production strategy survey with global clout. By canvassing traditional industry in 25 different research environments, this survey is able to provide a broad spectrum of up-to-date information on per-formance, strategy and practices to help companies pinpoint areas needing improvement.
    Effective start/end date19/05/201014/12/2016