International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS V - 2009)

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    IMSS V (starting in 2009) is the latest round of the IMSS projects that begun in 1992 and has iterated four times since then. The aim of the research is to study manufacturing strategies on a global scale and at a national level, and to establish a common database on manufacturing strategies, practices, and results. The research method is a questionnaire survey, performed by an international network of researchers in various countries.

    Project Categorisation

    International network project

    Responsible Participants at the Department

    Harry Boer (CIP); Iskra Dukovska-Popovska (Department of Production); Sami Farooq (CIP); Astrid Lassen (CIP)

    Project Partnerships

    Researchers from 30 countries; Researchers from CIP and the Department of Production are representatives for Denmark; Leading business units from Industry

    Project Rationale

    The motivation behind the project is to create possibilities for comparative analyses of manufacturing strategies in the engineering/assembly industries (ISIC 28-35), and to analyze specific hypothesis within this context.

    Economic Estimates and Financial Sources

    No financial support is provided.

    Effective start/end date19/05/201002/05/2011


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