Intrapreneurship – towards an understanding of the importance of radical innovation in organizations.

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    CIP project group: PhD Student Astrid H. Lassen, Professor Jens O. Riis (primary advisor) Project duration: February 2004 ? February 2007 The survival and continued competitive advantage of organizations is in today?s society no longer secured merely by a focus on day-to-day innovations. On the contrary, there is an increasing need for the ability to be radically innovative in all facets of the organization. This project aspires to explore this increasing need for intrapreneurship in a three-fold research design. 1) Understanding of the concept of intrapreneurship and the extent to which it is used in Danish companies. 2) Based on this understanding, development a series of tools by which intrapreneurship can possibly be intensified in organizations. 3) Facilitation of the implementation of these intrapreneurship tools.
    Effective start/end date01/02/200401/06/2007