IT-Infrastructures for Control, Optimization and Management in Energy Systems

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This project which is a part of the DiCyps Center for Data-Intensive Cyber-Phycical systems, relates to the energy area where one main use cases considers the interaction between the electrical power system and district heating or cooling systems in cases with high renewable energy integration, maybe seen as a micro-grid systems. Other use cases are energy systems for home automation, factories or supermarkets used in relation to demand response control.

Key findings

DiCPS will deliver the following results:
- Cutting edge foundational research contributions within all five research areas, in the form of novel and extended models, methods, algorithmic techniques, data structures, tools and prototype systems.
- Integration and advancement of the key IT research areas of Embedded Systems, Dataintensive Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction and the key domain research areas of Energy and Transport through tight interdisciplinary collaboration.
- Establishment of joint Smart Society Test Bed Laboratory for inexpensive and efficient evaluation and optimization of proposed solutions for data-intensive cyber-physical systems.
- The foundation for an intelligent IT infrastructure for the future smart society, based on powerful tools for big data mining, complex process optimization, and user interaction integrated with advanced domain solutions.
- Unique use cases and validating demonstrators in the key areas of Energy, Transport, and their combination providing a foundation for innovative IT services, products and business cases.
Effective start/end date01/01/201531/12/2020


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK32,500,000.00


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