Chemical and Thermal remediation in Kærgård Plantage

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Groundwater beneath the Kærgård Plantage megasite in Denmark are contaminated with a complex mixture of pharmaceutical wastes, including sulfonamides, barbiturates, aniline, pyridine chlorinated solvents, mercury, and cyanide.  Regulatory agencies in Denmark are now in the process of evaluating remedial alternatives for source area remediation at the site.  As there is no precedent for treating this type of mixture, the feasibility of a variety of in situ remediation technologies are being evaluated in bench tests, including biological, chemical, and thermal techniques.

CIChem Research Group assists the project by conducting experiments with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) og thermal methods for remediation.

The following parts participate in the project:

- The Danish Envoironmental Protection Agency
- Region of Southern Denmark
- Rambøll
- Cowi
- Geosyntec
- Isotec

Effective start/end date01/06/200901/06/2011


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  • Remediation
  • Thermal
  • ISCO
  • Kaergaard Plantage
  • Persulfate
  • Fenton
  • Steam


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