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The project aims at mapping the amount and different types of Danish co-housing projects, and carry out register-based thematic analysis of co-housing projects. The mapping will enable subsequent use of data from Statistics Denmark, to characterise residents and buildings in the co-housing projects. The mapping takes its departure in the database that the Danish association for co-housing (Bofæ has established which contains app 300 existing co-housing projects. The actual amount of co-housing projects is however much larger, and therefore there is a need to expand and qualify this database, e.g. through research, interview and surveys. The register-based analysis will include data on the type, size and localisation of the co-housing projects, the residential composition (socio-economy, age, former address, education etc), the buildings (size, sales-prices), shared facilities etc.

The background is that the present large attention towards co-housing lacks systematic knowledge about existing and planned co-housing projects, their numbers, types, localisation, development over time, residential composition etc. Such knowledge is called for from different sides, including residents, municipalities, ministries and developers who have an ambition to develop new co-housing projects. As an example, co-housing is often presented as solutions to solve various societal problems, such as loneliness, peripheral decline, troubled housing estates, sustainability etc., but in fact, there is limited knowledge about this.
Effective start/end date01/06/202030/11/2021


  • Realdania: DKK1,117,450.00