Language, Society and Genomics. Projektet er en del af det større tværgående forskningsprojekt . Development of plant sink organs: Novel genes for science, agronomy and industrial use.

  • Lassen, Inger (Project Licensee)
  • Vestergaard, Torben (Other)
  • Holmgreen, Lise-Lotte (Project Participant)
  • Horsbøl, Anders (Project Participant)
  • Stougaard, Jens (Project Participant)
  • Gjesing Welinder, Karen (Project Participant)
  • Bach, Inga (Project Participant)
  • Bach Holm, Preben (Project Participant)
  • Friis, Carsten (Project Participant)
  • Lange, Lene (Project Participant)
  • Mundy, John (Project Participant)
  • Scholderer, Joachim (Project Participant)


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