Large-Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Power Plants and Flexible Demand in the Egyptian Electric Grid

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Egypt has the ambitious plans to reach about 5 GW of renewableenergy penetration and at the same time a large-scale deployment of electricvehicle (EV) charger stations. Hence, Egypt need to become one of the nationsto deploy large-scale renewable resources and EVs to be combine a sustainableenergy future with economic growth, thus aligning our country with the fourthworldwide Industrial Revolution. Due to widespread utilization of renewableenergy sources (RESs) and Electric vehicle charger stations (EVCSs), communitieswith large-scale penetration of EVs and RESs are facing stability issue as thepower converters-based RESs create the significant lack of inertia power,causing system instability and power blackouts as well as issues of powerquality such as harmonics or resonances caused by the power converters ofrenewable energy power plants (REPP).

To overcome the abovementioned problems, a cluster of controllablemicrogrids (MGs) can be used. It can be recognized as a viable solution to mitigatethe unstable operation of individual MGs during islanded operation and providenumerous economic benefits to both the utility grid and the MG systems participatingin the network. In addition, it could help assess the impact of theunprecedented large penetration of REPPs and EVCS planned for the next years inthe Egyptian utility power grid. Additionally, design an aggregated models forREPP and EVCS-based microgrids by developing primary control layers at theconverter/component level, secondary control layers at the REPP and EVCS level,and a tertiary control level to handle the higher-level load power sharingamong microgrids within a cluster. Finally, the coordination controllers amongREPP and EVCS-based microgrids and other power plants will be developed and theinclusion of V2G capabilities and ancillary services will be analysed.


The Egyptian Government scholarship under the supervision of Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/03/2024


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