Leveraging Networked Data for the Digital electricity Grid


The Net2DG project will develop a proof-of-concept solution based on off-the-shelf computing hardware that uses available communication technologies to leverage measurement data from smart meters and smart inverters in Low Voltage (LV) grids. The Net2DG solution correlates these data with information from existing Distribution System Operator (DSO) subsystems, in order to enable and develop novel LV grid observability applications for voltage quality, grid operation efficiency, and LV grid outage diagnosis.

The achieved observability is subsequently used by specifically developed novel control coordination approaches, which utilize the existing smart meter and smart inverter actuation capabilities in conjunction with selected existing DSO actuation for voltage quality enhancement and loss minimization in the LV grid.

The use of off-the-shelf components, the system level resilience and security solution, and the offered customizability of the Net2DG approach specifically address the needs of regional DSOs. Therefore, the Net2DG solution allows regional DSOs to become early adopters of digital technologies for LV outage diagnosis, grid operation efficiency optimization and voltage quality.
Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2021