Wind Optimized Charging and V2G Battery Degradation

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In this project the strategy Wind Optimized Charging V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) is further developed to a universal Smart Grid Multi Market Agent which can simulate and control the participation of electric vehicles in the electricity market. A cost model of the battery degradation which will be included in the simulation will also be developed.
The cost due battery degradation by intelligent charging and V2G is not fully explored from a scientific point of view even though it’s of very high importance in the assessment and planning of electric vehicles into the electric grid. Basic issues as battery cost, influence of degradation and future development in battery production cost, large-scale operations and performance are of big uncertainties.
In this project, the official national and industry goals within research and development of batteries for electric vehicles will be screened in order to be included in the battery degradation model. After that, the V2G battery degradation will be included in the algorithms of the electric vehicle driving and charging pattern. On this basis, the benefit potential of including electric vehicles in the electricity market can be analyzed.
The project is carried by Vindenergi Danmark in cooperation with Norgård/Balsgård and the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. The project will take place in the first half year of 2015 and the results will be documented in a final report. The project participants will, if there interest of it, conduct a workshop on battery degradation and V2G.
This project is number four of four sub-analysis on electric vehicles and wind turbines co-financed by the Danish Energy Agency in the test scheme for electric cars. The four sub-analysis have the following titles:
• Wind Optimized Charging of Electric Cars
• Wind Optimized Charging V2G
• Wind Optimized Charging of Low-Range Electric Cars (Based on collected data within the programme)
• Wind Optimized Charging and V2G Battery Degradation
Effective start/end date01/01/201530/06/2015


  • Danish Energy Agency


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