Livø - Further Implementation of Energy Supply Solutions

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The purpose of the project is as follows:
To continue the development of a sustainable energy supply at Livø, which will reduce the consumption of imported diesel oil as much as possible (phase 1). At the same time, the solutions must result in an energy system which is based on the island’s own resources to the greatest extent possible (phase 2, not part of this application).
To demonstrate a stable energy supply for the consumers despite fluctuating energy sources and an island operation of the energy system.
To develop and demonstrate both local and overall control of an energy production which secures stable delivery of power and heating despite a range of energy sources of which some are fluctuating and non-controllable.
To make the local energy supply the third leg in the project “ Livø – the Quiet Compartment of Nature”
To make the energy supply an attraction similar to Livø’s other offers - nature and cultural history.

Furthermore, the project will be utilized to demonstrate the interaction with the concept “Village community heating” which is envisaged to be constructed and tested in a separate EUDP application concurrently with the present application.
Short titleLivø Energiforsyning
Effective start/end date01/01/201601/10/2019


  • Energinet SOV: DKK12,501,634.00


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