Automotive sound quality

  • Ellermeier, Wolfgang (Project Participant)
  • Legarth, Søren Vase (Project Participant)
  • Ghani, Jody Ann (Project Participant)

Project Details


The sound quality inside car compartments has become of great importance for the branding and segment positioning of car models and car manufacturers. However, systematic tools are still lacking for an integration of sound quality issues within the car design process. Furthermore, the research on sound quality attributes is inconclusive, especially since perceptual, affective and connotative attributes have not been distinguished and analysed regarding their interrelations. In addition, visual features of the car itself may greatly influence the judgments of sound quality. The aim of the project is to investigate which methods and attributes are the most relevant for the evaluation of the interior car sound quality. The influence of visual input on the perceived sound quality is investigated and quantified. (With the participation of Søren Legarth, DELTA
Effective start/end date31/12/200731/12/2007