Project Details


The part project will investigate how novel digital technologies are integrated into production environments transforming these into smart factories that will significantly challenge existing manufacturing paradigms. The part project operates following an agile approach, with individual 6 month sprint-projects. Each sprint project address one or more aspects of the smart factory paradigm, and results in a demonstrator. Consequently, the project will realize several demonstrators of a smart factory system, providing hands-on experience with the integration of the novel technologies and giving a basis for evaluating the potential benefits (and draw backs). The project will also provide new methods for planning, engineering and designing smart factories.

Layman's description

In this project we investigate how to digitalize the factory and the manufacturing activities within it, and thus creating the "smart" factory of the future.

Key findings

Several demonstrators have been conducted as part of the project, each focusing of various aspects of a "smart factory". This includes three larger 6-month demonstrators focusing on scenarios from each of the three main end-users (LEGO, Danfoss, LINAK).
Short titleMADE Digital WP5.4
Effective start/end date01/02/201729/02/2020