Project Details


Identification of the potential in Block-Chain technology used for increased competitiveness in Small and Medium-sized companies in the maritime communities, in and around selected Danish Commercial Ports.
The Maritime Block-Force includes four phases or work packages and are as follows:
Phase 1: This phase includes mapping of the four commercial ports and the SMEs, which are partly located in the port area and partly in the hinterland. Furthermore, phase 1 includes documentation of the SME’s utilisation of digital solutions, which includes reporting the use/delivery/sharing of the data in Block-Chains.
Phase 2: Includes an analysis of how, and to what extend the digital technologies and BCT will be used in the identified SME companies and in the four commercial ports.
Phase 3: Includes the development of a Business White Paper, which is a guideline that can be used by the four commercial ports (as well as beyond) and the SMEs that are located in the port area, as well as companies in the hinterland.
Phase 4: In this phase, a digital communication platform is established for the Maritime Block-Force. Through this platform presentations of the project results, communication of the combined reports, and the Business White Paper, etc., will be presented.

Key findings

* Individual feedback is given to the participating companies in both phase 1 (mapping) and phase 4 (result communication). Where the changed behaviour and other effects in relation to the results in phase 3 (Business White Paper and cases) are described and shared.
* Dissemination of the Business White Paper (guideline) - including best practise, case examples, and where digital technologies/BCT has been successfully introduced in participating SMEs, within the four commercial ports and their hinterland.
* Providing all Danish SME’s access to the Business White Paper, the Best Practises recorded, and case examples through the IT-platforms of Centre for Logistics and Cooperation, Danish Ports, Aalborg University, Aalborg Port and others.
Short titleBlock-Kraft
Effective start/end date08/04/201931/12/2020

Collaborative partners

  • Center For Logistik og Samarbejde ApS (lead)
  • Association of Danish Ports
  • Port of Aalborg A/S


  • blockchain
  • maritime industry
  • Digitalization
  • port community system
  • energy transition
  • Plastic waste
  • Data Management