Masculinity, stratification and socio-emotional skills in service work

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This research project examines perceptions and practices of men’s socio-emotional skills in low skilled service work. The premise is that socio-emotional skills are a stratified and stratifying asset that is increasingly important in determining who will be included and excluded in the post-industrial service economy. With the shift towards service economy, and increasing layoffs in the industrial sector, more and more men are in need to find employment in service work, a traditional female field. International research has argued that this shift may prove challenging for some men, as their masculinity is not configured for the requirements in the service sector. This research project inquires the role of socio-emotional skills three diverse service occupations. The goal is to gain empirical knowledge about demands of particular socio-emotional skills in service work and how they intersect with different masculinities.
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2017