Matrix konverter motor / Matrix Converter Motor

Project Details


The project investigates the possibilities to integrate a matrix-converter into a motor and thereby develop a real electronic motor. A prototype has been developed and built which was directed in the following directions: * reducing the input current ripple, by studying the influence of the zero-vectors in the switching pattern * developing of new control strategies to provide ride through capability for direct frequency converters; 12 * artificial loading of the induction motors, using a matrix converter * developing a 4 kW compact Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) and proposing a new matrix converter topology, to allow for low-cost in the low power range * integrating the matrix converter with the motor: the Matrix Converter-Motor (MCM). The project is intended to prove that the matrix converter topology may provide the most compact, power grid friendly, regenerative solution. The project is a part of the Danfoss Professor Pro-gramme. (Frede Blaabjerg; Christian Klumpner, Politehnica, Ti-misoara, Romania; Danfoss Drives A/S)
Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …