Mechatronics design of a high-performance electromagnetic actuation and parallel mechanism integrated spherical motion generator

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Spherical motion as a basic form of motion is widely found its applications in robots, orienting devices and propulsion systems. Conventionally, spherical motion is generated by means of spherical parallel manipulators and spherical actuators, but both have limitations due to either large volume and weight or low output torque. The project is thus aimed at investigating a novel mechatronics design technology for development of a high-performance spherical motion generator which integrates spherical parallel manipulator and electromagnetic actuation. The proposed project will focus on the mechatronics design, modeling and combined optimal control of the underlining electromagnetic driven spherical motion generator. The objective is to develop high-performance multi-dof electromagnetic actuation in a lightweight, compact and simple design to advance the state-of-theart spherical motion generators.
Effective start/end date01/06/202031/05/2022


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