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The purpose of the MegaDrive project is to increase power delivery of the H2Drive® fuel cell system from H2 Logic and thereby enable use in larger vehicle and energy production segments.
Today H2Drive® is used in forklifts and tow tractors below 3 tons (STILL & MULAG), where large scale demonstration at vehicle users in Europe are under preparation, as last step before market introduction.
MegaDrive will focus on developing a laboratory prototype system based on the present H2Drive® technology, with the aim of increasing power delivery to enable use in 3-7 tons material handling vehicles. Cargotec/Kalmar will participate as the target vehicle manufacturer for the MegaDrive results and will provide vehicles specifications and requirements ensuring that the efforts are targeted towards satisfying needs of vehicle manufacturers.
Theoretical modeling & design of a future concept for power systems from 100kW and larger will also be conducted, enabling potential use in even larger material handling vehicles.
The 100kW+ market applications will require access to outstanding fuel cell stack technology compared to today’s state-of-the-art that H2 Logic gets from suppliers. Various stack suppliers will be included to provide competitive benchmarking. The potential suppliers are to provide various FC stack input to enable modeling of a new system set-up for 100+kW. H2 Logic will then use the project results to discuss stack-supply-agreement(s) towards the markets within MegaDrive.
DTU and AAU will participate as research organizations involved in the various development activities. DTU will focus on the hybrid efforts on expanding capacity of present H2Drive® and AAU on modeling of a 100kW+ FC system.
Effective start/end date01/09/201231/12/2014


  • EUDP: DKK9,700,000.00

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