Making it All Work for You: Technological Discourses, Representations and Mediation Junctions in Danish Leisure Society, 1920-1989.

  • Wagner, Michael (Project Participant)

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    The research project will investigate the way modern leisure life was invented, constructed, presented, and appropriated in Denmark during the 1920-1989 period. The project will examine how leisure was constructed as an ideology of collective consumption and recreation within the context of the democratic welfare state; how leisure technologies were produced and introduced to individual consumers in Denmark compared to other countries in Europe after 1920; who the innovators and initiators were; and what motivated the mediators to propagate such modernist ideas.
    It will focus on whether these ideas were imported directly from America or of European origin to ask what social actors formulated and introduced the leisure ideology as consumption in Denmark; how the consumer ideology came to be mediated in the public and how consumer organizations appropriated and transformed it into a collective vision of the good life for the modern individual.
    Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …


    • Inventing Europe: Technology and the making of Europe 1850 to the present; European Ways of Life in the Short Twentieth Century
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    • Leisure
    • Consumption Junctions
    • Appropriation af technology


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