MEMBIO - Danish Membrane Bioreactor Technology

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MEMBIO is an innovation consortium supported by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (

The research level in MEMBIO focuses on growth conditions and fouling, membrane conditions and fouling and energy efficient aeration. Research results are transferred to the technological development level and technological achievements are demonstrated at a number of demonstration sites including treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater.

The more specific goals of the MEMBIO Consortium is:

  • to provide increased competitiveness for existing and potential Danish suppliers of MBR-technology, in Denmark as well as internationally, through new insight in the area
  • to provide more easy access for Danish users of wastewater technology, i.e. water consuming industries as well as municipalities and service companies, to cost effective treatment technologies that can increase productivity
  • to develop technology for improved control with e.g. fouling phenomenons and aeration, through dedicatet university based research
  • to develop competances and services within the Danish technological service system, which can contribute to ensure continued growth of both the technology supply industry and the production industry, through technology and productivity improvements

The said goals are ensured through start up of relevant thematized sub projects, where commercial and research partners of the Consortium through close cooperation build up competances and develop new products.

Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …


  • Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation


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