Methodological Guidelines on Capacity Building in Land Administration

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There is a significant need for capacity building in the area of land administration, especially in developing countries and countries in transition, to deal with the complex issues of building efficient land information systems and sustainable institutional infrastructures. Capacity building in land administration is not only a question of establishing a sufficient technological level or sufficient economic resources. It is mainly a question of understanding the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral nature of land administration systems, and understanding the need for human resource development in this area. Furthermore, capacity building should ensure that the focus is on building sound institutions and good governance rather than just high-level IT-infrastructures. The project aims to develop methodological guidelines for capacity analysis and capacity development in the land management area especially in development countries and countries in transition. The project is funded by FAO and the World Bank. (Stig Enemark, Paul van der Molen, NL)
Effective start/end date19/05/201019/05/2013