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The objective of the MFC MultiGen project is to develop and demonstrate an innovative and highly efficient 5kW methanol powered fuel cell system based on high-temperature PEM technology (HT-PEM). The MFC MultiGen is developed for stationary- and auxiliary power (APU) applications as a replacement to the polluting diesel generator. The MFC MultiGen solution eliminates all harmful emissions (NOx, SOx and PM) and reduces CO2 emissions with up to 98.2% [1] benefitting both urban health and climate. The project introduces several game-changing concepts compared to competing solutions on the market.
AcronymMFC MultiGen
Effective start/end date01/01/202129/02/2024

Collaborative partners

  • Blue World Technologies ApS
  • Danish Power Systems Ltd.
  • Clayton Power


  • EUDP: DKK3,808,474.00


  • Fuel cell
  • Methanol
  • HT-PEM


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