Microalgae Microbiomes – A natural source for the prevention and treatment of diseases in aquaculture

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Within the AquaHealth project, an international consortium of highly experienced partners will assemble and apply an advanced 'omics toolbox on the natural synergy of microalgae and microbial consortia to discover and validate novel bioactive and prebiotic compounds for sustainable use in preventing and treating disease in land-based aquaculture systems. AAU-PLAN is WP leader and contributes to the project by performing the prospective sustainability assessment of emerging technologies for the Blue bioeconomy. Financing: ERA-NET Cofund BlueBio programme, joint R&D funding scheme between EC and member states (https://bluebioeconomy.eu/about/). Administered in Denmark by Innovation Fund Denmark (grant 9082-00010B)
Effective start/end date01/05/202030/04/2023


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