Mobilities Futures and the City. Towards a reflexive methodology for urban planning in the mobile risk society

  • Kesselring, Sven, (Project Manager)


MFC presents three elements for the work on a reflexive methodology for urban planning in the mobile risk society. It consists out of three parts:
1. a conceptual phase in which a methodological approach is formulated;
2. an explorative phase with two workshops in Munich and Copenhagen to apply the method;
3. and a third phase which is dedicated to the re-drafting of the methodology, based on lessons learned from the two workshops.
MFC is a research project on how it is possible to integrate different disciplines and rationalities about the future of urban mobility and how to allocate appropriate expertise from social science, planning, engineering and the arts. The main goal of MFC is to explore the potentials of a post-disciplinary setting of expertise for the development of strong common visions, ideas and concepts for desirable urban mobilities futures.
MFC generates answers on: How can urban cultures, arts and social science contribute to new sustainable mobility practices and mobility systems on the urban scale?
In relation to the MFC project a PhD project at Roskilde University will be developed. This PhD is supervised by Malene Freudendal-Pedersen and Sven Kesselring and is closely linked to the concept and workshop phases. But it follows the organizational rules of a three-year doctoral project.
Effective start/end date02/12/201325/06/2014


  • Urban Planning and Mobilities