Model-based Control Performance Optimization through Flexible sensor/actuator configuration

Project Details


Development of algorithms that utilize new actuators and sensors, that are added to a controlled system in an incremental manner, such that the performance of the system improves.

The algorithm shall have the following features:

Model based, i.e., the model of the existing system and a model of the new piece of hardware shall be used by the algorithm for synthesizing a controller for the perturbed plant.

Automatic, i.e., no manpower shall be used on upgrading or tuning the controller when a new piece of hardware is added to the system, other than the manpower used to model the actuator.

Incremental, i.e., the algorithm shall add new components to the controller without removing any, such that existing safety interlocks that are part of the existing controller can be reused.
Effective start/end date19/05/201018/05/2011


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