Model Reduction of Hybrid Systems

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The interest in the study of hybrid and switched systems has grown considerably over the last few years because of the theoretical challenges involved and the impact on applications in several disciplines and industrial relevance.

Heavy computational burden is one of the common problems in analysis and control of large dynamical systems. In particular most of the methods so far suffer from high computational burden when dealing with large-scale dynamical systems. On the other hand, model reduction is the well-known tool for achieving drastically faster methods and algorithms for analysis, simulation and control of complex, large systems.

The scope of project is to firstly investigate the principles of model reduction theory, followed by making efforts to develop a method for model reduction of hybrid and switched systems with stress on piecewise affine system reduction and finally to demonstrate the devised techniques on a number of benchmark examples.

Effective start/end date15/02/200715/02/2010


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  • Hybrid systems
  • model reduction
  • switched systems

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