Modelling and Optimization of the Water Cooling System for the Wind Power Converter

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The purpose of this project is to model and to optimize the water cooling system of the 4 quadrant MP1 converter.  In this context the primary objectives are:

Modeling of the influence of the geometry of the cooling channels, the cooling chamber and the turbulator;

Modeling of the influence of the thermal paste thickness, material, ageing;

Simulative optimization of the cooling plate by changing the internal geometry of the cooling plate;

Visualization of the temperature distribution in the structure as IGBT base plate, cooling plate below the IGBT modules, in the flowing cooling liquid, in the silicon chips of the IGBT-module, etc.;

Prediction of the behavior of the cooling plate if the external geometry is changed e.g. only cooling of 4 IGBTs or cooling of IGBTs mounted on both sides of the cooling plate;

Prediction of the junction temperature also for PrimePack2 and PrimePack3 IGBT-modules.
Effective start/end date01/04/201730/03/2018


  • Woodward Kempen GmbH: DKK892,655.00


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