Modelling, Estimation and Control for Helicopter Slung Load System

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Helicopters are highly versatile aerial vehicles and its unique flying characteristics enables an intriguing ability to carry loads hanging in wires underneath the helicopter.

However, flying a slung load can be a very challenging and sometimes hazardous task as a slung load significantly alters the flight characteristics of the helicopter. The pendulum-like behaviour of the slung load gives a high risk of pilot induced oscillations that can result in dangerous situations. Futhermore unstable oscillations can occur at high speeds due to the different aerodynamical shapes of the slung loads. There is therefore, from helicopter pilots and from the aerospace industry in general, a large interest in technologies that can reduce the challange in operating helicopter born slung loads. 

This is the main motivation behind the research which focuses on the development of a autonomous helicopter capable of operating with a slung load.

Effective start/end date01/09/200418/01/2008


  • Aalborg University: DKK1,500,000.00


  • helicopter
  • slung load
  • sling load
  • underslung load
  • unscented kalman filter
  • input shaping
  • delayed resonator
  • multibody modelling


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