Modelling variation in morbidity

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The project consists of many parts, each treating a description of the variation of the incidents of different diseases, eg. serious infection diseases as meningitis and cardiovascular diseases such as acute myocardi infarct (thrombosis in the heart). Many considerations on how to model seasonal variation, long term trend and age effects have been made. One aim is to consider the relations between these diseases and the incidences of ordinary flue, when taking into account seasonal variation, weekly variation, trends etc. The results may influence the desicion whether an vaccination is to be introduced. In a broader perspective, we gain knowledge about the global spread of the diseases. Cooperation with Henrik Toft Sørensen, Henrik Shønheyder, Elise Snitker Jensen and Thomas Fisher, Aalborg Sygehus/Aarhus University.
Effective start/end date19/05/201031/10/2010


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