MOPEM<em> </em>(<em>Marketing On-line - Path to Enter new Markets</em>)

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MOPEM (Marketing On-line - Path to Enter new Markets) is a project realized by a wide international partnership (7 partners from 5 European Union countries - 2 companies and 5 institutions of higher education) co financed by Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The cooperation for the project „Marketing on-line - path to enter new markets" consists in partners form 5 European countries willing to create:

  • Modules - for companies and workers to learn how to enter new,
    international markets. The modules consist of educationally independent parts of e-learning content dealing with advance marketing on European market, and are especially designed to fit the training needs of developing companies with workers with an interest to pursue international markets. The content of the modules are methodologically based on case studies of the experiences of those companies functioning on international markets.
  • Specialisation Paths -  a content-related and methodological concept of exploiting the created e-learning modules, describing the form of each module realisation in order to gain particular marketing competencies and to apply produced modules within the training systems ( trainings, e-learning and blended learning postgraduate courses).
Effective start/end date01/06/200631/03/2009


  • <ingen navn>: DKK75.07


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