Mortgage Bonds, Title Registration, and Cadastre for Housing and Poverty Reduction

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The present research project aims at improving the understanding of the conditions and options of upgrading tenure regimes and access to credit in urban development contexts in the service of economic development and poverty alleviation. The study is interdisciplinary in nature and includes the following elements:
- A survey and structuring of present research interlinking the discrete fields of land registration, cadastre and housing finance in an urban development context
- Field research of selected cases of development projects and support to building real property administrative infrastructure and mortgage institutions. Preliminary, it is proposed to select cases in Mexico, Ghana and a country in transition.
- Contributions to a conceptual understanding of the role of immovable property administrative infrastructure for poverty alleviation and economic development.

The research is expected to be co-financed through external resources and staffed with a PhD student.

Effective start/end date01/10/200730/09/2010


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