Multimodal control of assistive robotic arms for severely disabled individuals

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FTP project with 2 PhD students and one Postdoc
Currently, assistive robotic arms are controlled using joysticks which is not possible
for the users most in need: individuals with severe upper limb disabilities. Further,
different levels of disabilities requires different interface modalities, and
progressing diseases such as ALS requires the possibility of changing interface
modality as the disability progresses, which is not possible in current robotic
control schemes. Therefore, we will research on three interface modalities
addressing different levels of disability: Myoelectric-robotic interfacing for
individuals with some upper limb functionality, Tongue-robotic interfacing for
individuals with preserved tongue functionality, and Brain-robotic interfacing for
individuals whom are e.g. Locked-in. Further, we will explore the combination of
these modalities into semi-automated hybrid control schemes.
Effective start/end date01/10/2018 → …


  • Independent Research Fund Denmark | Technology and Production sciences: DKK5,893,723.00