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The PhD project Music and Technology places itself in the intersection between teaching, performance and perception of classical music on one hand and audio-technology on the other. To incorporate technology in an environment, which is predominantly acoustic, raises a number of challenges of both practical and artistic nature. But the involvement of technology can also expand the classical music in several ways. In this project, three of such expansions will be addressed:

• With the use of technology, access to the world of music can be expanded to audiences, who are hearing impaired.

• Technology can bring students and teachers together globally, by the use of sophisticated network infrastructure and thus release potentials for benchmarking, networking and knowledge-sharing, while reducing economically- and environmentally costly travels.

Music and Technology is a cross-institutional collaboration between the Royal Danish Academy of Music and The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University.

The project will focus on two topics, where the intersection between classical music and technology poses clear challenges. These areas relate respectively to the above mentioned two points.

The two areas are:
1: Classical music for the hearing impaired (primarily Cochlea Implant users)
2: Distance Learning
Short titleMusic & Technology
StatusNot started