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Electricity consumption for ventilation represents a notable share of the consumption in many institutions and industries, and thus it is an important subject to focus on when the future building regulations BR2005 (and later BR2010) requires considerable energy savings. With minimal operational cost of electricity consumption, natural ventilation has been the obvious alternative to mechanical ventilation. However, up till now it has been hampered by the lack of heat regain or cooling of the injected outdoor air. Two technologies within the heat exchanger and heat pump field tested by the Danish Technological Institute and the ventilation firm IKM are combined to a new concept which is investigated in this project. A theoretical model for simulation of the concept will be built, and based on this a regulation strategy and corresponding control system are made. The results are used for building a full-scale test setup for optimization of the interaction between the individual components and documentation of the performance of the plant. Based on these tests, the total performance of the concept is analysed along with the energy saving potential for a number of selected construction categories inclusive of an estimate of economic and technical potential of renovation and new building, respectively.

AAU primarily contributes with specification of system requirements, simulation of energy-saving potential and simulation of the flow conditions in the system in connection with the development of components.

Effective start/end date01/01/200631/12/2008


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