Network Based high speed Product Innovation Processes and Models (network project)

    Project Details


    This project involves the thorough study of network based high speed product innovation processes and models and explorative analysis of the product innovation systems of international industrial concerns. This analysis will include the related models and processes as well as the applicable endeavours to describe, make, and identify the problem and to produce a theoretical model apparatus for network based product innovation processes and models carried out at high speed. In particular, focus is on the upper part of the product development model - the idea generation and concept stages and gates, together with a focus on the time aspect of the product development process. The theoretical model outlined above will subsequently be empirically tested in specific industrial companies. The empirical part is comprised of joint research by Danish and Italian Universities with international companies which have established network based product innovation and which employ such product innovation types. This study will contribute towards an explanation of the processes and models for product innovation that carried out at high speed and deeply rooted in networks. On the basis of the above-described studies, the Ph.D. project will also feature an analytical and thesis forming component which will be published in the conclusive Ph.D. report, to be completed in 2002. Coordinators: Peter Lindgren, Poul H.K. Hansen, Aalborg University Project duration: Spring 2000 to summer 2003.
    Effective start/end date31/12/200331/12/2003